Scaffolding Courses

Our scaffolding courses are based on Norwegian regulations and international standards. Both are covered by continuous change processes. This challenges us as a course provider to help us so that we at all times presents courses with updated content.

Norwegian regulations covering scaffolding in general, will be:

• Order No. 701: Regulations on organization, leadership and participation. (Change / Effective January 1, 2015)
• Order No. 702: Workplace Regulations; Design and organization of workplaces and work premises. (Change / Effective June 26, 2015)
• Order No. 703: Regulations on execution of work. (New amendment / effective 1 January 2016)
• Order No. 705: Producer Regulations. (New amendment / effective 1 July 2016)

The changes already in place, and those who will come, triggers a need for differentiated course content to various players. On this basis, the Mesa AS now offer a more diverse range of courses, aimed at:

• Principals “Client Classes”
• Employers “Employer Responsibility Expertise”
• Users of scaffolding “User course – Risk”
• Assembly Responsible “Competence Course for scaffolders”
• Trade certificate course for candidates wishing certificate.

Modular courses

Mesa AS will add up courses in a modular sequence, so you can build on with new modules if the requirement of increased competence increases in your career.

Module 1: Use of scaffolding – 1-3 hours of theoretical
Module 2: Installation and use of scaffolding with height up to 5 meters – 7.5 hours theory / 7.5 hours practice
Module 3: Installation and use of scaffolding with height up to 9 meters – 15 hours theory / 15 hours practice
Module 4: Installation and use of scaffolding with a height of 9 meters – 36 hours theory / 72 hours of practice
Module 5: Checking the scaffolding with a height of 9 meters – 7.5 hours theory

All modules have certain requirements for advance skills. Mesa AS will launch new courses within these areas of expertise continuously.

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